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How to create an unique and complete website


Thanks to the intuitive technology of Powerdigital, you can create a website as you ever wanted. You will not have to know any programming language or use software to creatie websites: with Powerdigital you can add, move and customize every element.

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Have found the right model for you? Select it and immediately start to create your unique site. You will be able to keep it as it is and fill it with your content, or use it as a basis to develop your personal or professional project: you can change every aspect of the model in 100%. You are free to do what you want!

A complete website in a click:

Social Networks will do the trick!


Import content from Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to built a complete website!

If you want to create an updated site, full of content right now, you must

test the Facebook application: Powerdigital will import automatically your data, will give you a website that is totally customizable through an editor that is intuitive and easy to use.

Your changes are

automatically online!

Update and edit your content, Powerdigital thinks to save them.

Powerdigital is equipped with an innovative technology that saves your changes automatically. Each modification is published directly online: you can update your web site whenever you want 24x7  and    everywhere you are. You need only a PC: visit www.editor.powerdigital.it and login to create, modify and update your project.

Make it unique and complete!


Perfect View

from any device

Thanks to the two working areas, one on desktop and one on mobile, you can create a perfect and complete website  customized for avery Screen and Smartphone. You can customize your website for mobile and improving  the browsing experience of your customers: your website will be perfect everywhere.

Improve Site Ranking

Enter descriptions and keywords: we will take care of everything else.

Powerdigital allows you to create a stunning website  by entering keywords, titles and descriptions to increase your ranking  on Google and on the other search engines. Any changes on text, pictures, and photos on your website, will be automatically reported to the search engines: update and add new content to  your website and we will make it fly high!

Learn more about

your visitors

Thanks to statistics discover more about what your visitors do

Choose description and keywords: the rest is our job.

Powerdigital allows you to create a site that is unique and complete by entering keywords, titles and descriptions to increase the site visibility

on Google and on the other search engines. Any changes to text, pictures, and photos to your web site,

will be automatically reported to the search engines: improve your site and we will fly high!

Are you ready to reach customers from all over the World?

Thanks to the  multilingual function you can make your website international. Powerdigital puts at your disposal all the necessary tools to add new languages and to allow you to reach many new customers. You just need to drag&drop the "multi-language" component to start working on the translations  no need to recreate   your website from scratch.

Your website has a Social Spirit

Powerdigital shows you the most important statistics of your website: the average number of visitors, the average duration of each visit and the words most searched by people on search engines to get to your site. Are you more demanding?

You can have a more in-depth information by integrating easily the site with powerful analysis tools such as Google Analytics and Shinystat.

Create e-commerce website and sell all over the world

With Powerdigital everything is easier than ever: create an e-commerce website! You can categorize products, making them available or private, manage their shipments, promotional coupons and everything you need to show your products in the better way.

Every Credit Card

Safe Transactions

Your visitors will be able to pay comfortably using their Credit Card, debit Card or Prepaid card.

Powerdigital guarantees maximum safety in payments, because it uses PayPal, one of the leading companies in the sector of payments for the websites.

All of your products in just a few clicks

Sell directly from Social Network

You can integrate your e-commerce directly into Facebook to boost even more your online sales!

Insert the products in    your website in the easiest way possible. Upload photos, add description, create a category: a perfect online shop is  just in few clicks away.

Earn Online

Add banner ads to your site and start  earning today!

When you ad a new Ad Banner App to your website it will be automatically filled with advertisements coming from Powerdigital advertising partners.

You can choose size and position for your banners and start earning immediately depending on your banners daily views and clicks.

PRO Website Features

Powerdigital is an all-in-one solution that includes in a single service

everything you need to create a website.

Custom address


5 Pro-mailboxes - 5GB

Powerful E-commerce


Choose between a lot of extensions (.com, .net, .org, and many others)  the right one that fits your business.

Increase your online sales creating an attractive shop for your products using a super-simple e-commerce panel.

5 mailboxes that will add a more professional touch to  your communication.

Full Backup


Unlimited space



You can save a website backup. You may

return back to the old website if you're

not happy with the latest changes.

Insert all the content you want

with no storage limit. Add your photos,

PDFs and so on, no need to worry!

Know more about your customers such as their location, number of daily visits

and much more.

HTML & script

Newsletter Manager

Advanced SEO


Are you an HTML expert?

You can add your code to the website and

make it really powerful!

A real newsletter engine that lets you

create and distribute professional

email to your customer.

Manage header & body metatags, add your favicon and integrate with google search console for a perfect SEO.

A custom

and open-ended  structure

You can create a fully custom website with

your code by using HTML app.

Powerdigital lets you create a beautiful website that perfectly fits your wishes! You can add even more features by adding HTML/Javascript code. We give you the most

absolute freedom to customise your website.

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